Women’s Art Therapy Workshop

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Unblock Your Feminine Creative Energy through Art Therapy

Do you ever feel that you are not yourself?
That somewhere in your path you lost a piece of your authenticity?
 Many people feel that way. Much of the lost sense of self is due to the loss of our association with the purely feminine parts of us: care, empathy, creativity, premonition or instinct.
In the art therapy group, you will be invited to explore your connection with your creativity. You will be able to get in touch with your creative symbols, their meaning and their usefulness. You will express thoughts and feelings through art, which are difficult to express in words only and will discover the meaning of their images.
You will be able to tell your story in an indirect and non-threatening manner and in the same ways you will be able to participate in the history of the rest of the women. Finally, you will come into contact with the process of creation, which will make you capable of looking beyond your problems, learn how to listen to your real, how to take care of them, trust in yourself and feel safe.

Goals of the Workshop:

To express yourself creatively

Trust your imagination and instinct

Get in touch with parts of yourself that have been blocked by stress and difficult emotions and restore love and purity of mind.

Reestablish positive thoughts and emotions

Sharing of stories (optional)

Deep Relaxation

General Information:

You do not need to be artistic to participate - know how to draw or paint.

Wear comfortable clothes so you can sit on the floor and move around easily.

Our workshops are held on a monthly basis.

Date: 12th October 2019

Time: 11am until 1.30pm

Cost: 25 euros (all art material will be provided)

Bookings: The workshop is only for 10 people so book in advance to secure your spot.

Contact: Elena on 96082245 or email at creativelifewaysayurveda@hotmail.com

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses creative process and art materials as primary methods of expression and communication. As a profession combines psychotherapeutic theories and visual arts.
In Art Therapy, art is not a simple diagnostic tool, but it is the means by which a therapist communicates, resolves conflicts and manages difficult emotions. Through the creative process the individual can develop his / her interpersonal relationships, social skills and improve his / her self-image.

Workshop Instructor:

Christa Kamenou is an art therapist with 10 years experience. She is also a psychologist with a BA in Psychology with Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Art Therapy from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

She has taught Art Therapy in schools, in private practice, and worked with people who have special needs or have experienced domestic abuse.

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facebook: @cyprus.art.therapy