Five reasons creative art therapy is great for women

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Creative art therapy is a gentle yet potent way to express your feelings and emotions through drawing, painting, collage or mixed-media. When words are not enough art therapy is a tool you can use to understand yourself, unblock your self-expression and share your story.


It helps relieve stress: The many roles we are asked to play in life as women can put a lot of pressure and stress on our lives. This can affect our fertility, our role as mothers and wives and in turn our mental and physical health. Art therapy provides a safe space to work with that energy and create space for ourselves so we can deal with daily challenges in a healthy and calm way.  

Relieves depression:  In a 2017 research published in The Journal of the American Art Therapy Association it was found that for participants diagnosed with infertility after six individual sessions the levels of depression among participants decreased significantly.  The reason is that through visual self-expression, feelings hopelessness and anxiety is reduced.

Positive emotions during pregnancy: Art therapy releases endorphins – that’s feel good hormones into the body - which is great for both mother and child. It’s also a great way to bond with your child as it’s like you are both doing something together. At the same time you can address any worries you may experiencing internally and have not been able to share or understand until you have actually seen them in visual form, so in other words it can help you clarify any concerns you may have as a future mother. Finally, it allows you to begin to imagine your journey as a mother.

Recover post-partum:  You can address your birth story if there was any trauma, prevent post-partum depression and integrate that into your healing journey. The process of art therapy can help you develop your maternal identity, feel empowered and re-energise your lost self.  

Reclaim your creativity:  If you were told in school you could not draw and so, you have spent your adult life believing you are not creative, this is your chance to claim that back. Art therapy does not require you to be creative but to just show up and trust yourself. As a result you will leave with new found self-confidence and self-esteem. Creativity is a feminine energy and there is no woman that is not creative. It is also the seat of our womb, meaning our womb is our creative center through which we not only bring new life into the world but we live our lives daily and everything we do is creative.


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