The Lunar Effect: How the moon cycle affects our feminine energy

The Lunar Effect: How the moon cycle affects our feminine energy


All through ancient times, wise women observed the workings of nature, and realised that the cyclical nature of the seasons including that of the  moon affected their health and wellbeing.

They examined and experimented with these natural cycles and came to the conclusion that to be well they had to live in accordance with these cycles.

As women they discovered that the ebb and flow of the moon from darkness (new moon) to light (full moon) correlated with our menstruation and ovulation accordingly.

Here is how the Moon can affect your cycle, and how you can harness its power for your benefit.


New Moon:

This is the time when the moon cannot be seen in the sky and so corresponds to our menstrual time. A time where we go inwards, into our own darkness, to bleed. This time of the moon correlates with new beginnings, a time to rest and let go of the past month. It’s the best time to set new intentions and plant the seeds for new projects.


Waxing Moon:

As the moon is gently getting brighter and brighter it’s the best time to focus your energy and work on your project or intention. This aligns with the energy of the follicular phase of your cycle – where your body is working hard on getting an egg ready to be released.   


Full Moon:   

This is the time when the moon shines bright and so should you. It’s the best time of the month to move outwards, have fun, expand your business, and meet new people. Your body is ovulating and is ripe for conception so don’t hold back but be cautious of any crazy feelings during full moon energy and don’t overdo it!   


Wanning Moon:

The moon is gently shedding her light again and it’s also your time to enjoy the fruits of your actions from the month. It’s a good time to go with the flow so don’t fight your need to do so. The luteal phase of our cycle here either releases an unfertilized egg or starts setting things up for pregnancy.


Now take a deep breath and start again as the luna cycle starts again!


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