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 Traditionally women would gather on the New Moon to share life experiences and wisdom which would help each other navigate the journey of life, but also change in positive ways the way they relate to themselves, each other and life itself.

They did this on the New Moon also known as the Dark Moon as it naturally tends to allow women to go within and be able to listen at what areas of their lives require transformation.

In the same way on each Sunday closest to the New Moon we will gather to explore a theme each month that will bring about positive change in our lives, deepen our connection to ourselves, resolve inner conflicts and relax us into our feminine energy and wisdom. But also gather energy for the month.

During our gatherings you will have the opportunity to share, spend time journaling and listen to the experiences.

Our first gathering will be announced soon.

It will be open to women of all ages. If you are a new mother we understand and support your need to bring your newborn with you.

Cost: 10 euros

Theme: tbc

All this will be in a non-judgemental and safe space where we will uplift and support each other.