What is Yoga for Women?

Yoga for women reflects on the changing nature of women and honours you as a woman.

As our hormones cycle on a weekly and monthly basis from menstruation to ovulation and back, so should our yoga practice follow these cyclical rhythms.

Each yoga class we teach reflects our feminine nature.

Based on where you are in your cycle you will be taught yoga poses, breathing practices and relaxation techniques that represent your individual needs as a woman while still being part of a group class and surrounded by women who share your rhythms and understand what you need.

Based on yoga philosophy from the Goddess tradition, women were viewed through their Divine nature, and they recognised that women’s bodies have cyclical natural rhythms that are aligned with the cycles of the moon.

They understood how the moon represents a women’s womb and feminine essence, and during the new moon is when women would menstruate and the full moon the time they ovulate.

We follow these teachings and as a result you will learn how to move with the moon and enjoy balanced hormones and long-term health.

In our signature workshops we will teach you this philosophy further, including how to balance your cycle if it is not in sync with the moon (so do look out for our upcoming workshops as well).

A further aim of our yoga classes is to remind you of your feminine essence, your divine feminine nature and how to express and live that in your daily life. We do live in a patriachal society and yoga for women aims to bring harmony and balance back into women’s bodies, minds and hearts so she can thrive and be in harmony with herself.

In yoga this feminine energy is called Shakti and we invoke this power back to our lives through daily practice.

On an energetic level women’s yoga stimulates the channels of the body and the flow of prana (life force) to the organs and boosts the immune system. This boost in immune function and balancing of energy systems make it ideal for promoting hormonal balance.

Women’s yoga also offers huge mental and emotional benefits too, due to the fact that it allows us time for self-inquiry and it develops our capacity for meditative self-awareness as it combines deep breathing and heart-focused meditation techniques - our greatest source of energy.

In every class teachings from the classical texts of yoga which represent the Divine Feminine are used to support our personal journey towards personal discovery so we can resolve inner conflicts and surrender to the more quieter parts of our inner world.

This results in deepening our connection to our authentic feminine self, our wild and courageous nature.

What you can expect:

Resolve the root cause of our stress and anxiety

Calm and balance mind and body

Increase circulation

Improve flexibility

Improve joint mobility

Balance the internal organs

Balance hormones

Resolve emotions like fear, anxiety, worry and uncertainty

Let go of what is not working in your life especially perfectionism

Have time just for yourself where you are not responsible for anyone else

Boost energy levels, self-esteem and confidence

Who it is for:

Its ideal for busy women who need time just for themselves

For women who are looking to live an authentic life filled with meaning

Are trying to get pregnant as it includes fertility yoga poses

Are craving to understand their feminine nature

Women who feel out of harmony with the external world and are struggling to fit in

Know what you want but have been unable to achieve it so far

Want to grow into your womanhood and feel in harmony with yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

You know there is something more for you than what others tell you there is

A weekly women’s yoga class includes:

Deep stretches held for a few minutes to relieve tension and bring you into your feminine energy

Deep belly breathing

Yoga Nidra (deep guided relaxation and visualisation)

Alternate nostril breathing to balance vital energy and hormones

Intention setting (to bring forth what we truly want in life and deserve)

Heart Centered meditation techniques

Ayurvedic based self-care practices for home will be given at the end of each class

Weekly classes:

Our classes begin August 27th

Class: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Times: 5.15 p.m until 6.15 p.m or 6.30 p.m until 7.30 p.m

Class: Every Saturday

Time: 9.30-10.30 a.m

Cost: 12 euros casual pass or an 8 class pass 80 euros

First trial class is always free

Bookings required

email: creativelifewaysayurveda@hotmail.com

tel. 96082245